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5 Low Maintenance Plants that should be there in Your House!

5 Low Maintenance Plants That Should Be There In Your House!

Plants in the house not only bring colour but also life and fresh air. But bringing the plants that require a lot of attention and care could result in dying plants 🙁

But fret not! There are potted plants that are meant to be easy to care for.

Listing a few plants here that you might want to get on your next shopping!

1) Peace Lily

Peace lily only requires to be in a well-lit area and to be watered regularly, this in return would remove harmful toxins in the air and would keep dry environment more moist. It’s one of the plants with air-purifying qualities according to the NASA Clean Air Study. 


2) The Snake Plant

They are famous for their ability to survive in the most unsuitable growing conditions. They are also renowned for their qualities that help purify the air we breathe. They need the least amount of water and indirect sunlight. Minimum TLC and a lot of ROI!

3) Chrysanthemum

The golden flowers! They have a lot of medicinal properties. The plant itself absorbs benzene produced by smoking, as well as toxins emitted by printers, photocopiers etc.

Water only when soil dries, requires indirect sunlight.

4) Golden Pothos


Also called Devil’s Ivy, is a low maintenance solution for home improvement. They can thrive as hanging plants. It is the easiest indoor plant to care for because it can withstand infrequent watering and low light.

5) Weeping Fig


The official tree of Bangkok, Weeping Fig is a common plant in the home and office, mainly due to the fact that it looks like a typical tree with a single trunk and a spreading canopy.

Placing in the bedroom ensures increase in oxygen supply while you sleep!

These facts should help you decide the new member in your house.

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