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Resistant to termites & rot and will not splinter or warp

Premium Quality – all with 15 years warranty. Each decking board is 5.8 metre in length.


We are proud to present you with a fabulous range of Composite Decking Perth to suit every budget. Available in a variety of modern and attractive colours. Each decking board is 5.8 metre in length and can easily be installed using our concealed fixings (no visible screws). Backed up by a comprehensive warranty you`ll be getting a fantastic product at a great price.

Delivery – We can deliver throughout the Perth Metro area, contact us to see if you qualify for FREE Delivery.

Showroom –  18 Horus Bend, Bibra Lake (near Adventure World). We welcome both Public and Trade Customers.



ONE STOP SHOP for all Your Composit Decking Needs.

Composite Decking Perth - Superwood - thumb
Composite Decking Perth - Superwood - Lightgrey
Composite Decking Perth - Superwood - Redwood


Now available in 4 attractive colours, resistant to termites & rot and will not splinter or warp. Eco-friendly made from recycled products, Superwood is low maintenance and has a 15 year warranty


Superwood composite decking is available in four colours from our Bibra lake warehouse.


Each Superwood board is 5800mm long x 141mm wide x 23mm high (0.818m2)


You can either pick up your order from our warehouse or we will arrange delivery throughout Perth – simply ask us for a quote.

  • Super toughened –  made in hi-tech factory and extruded under high pressure
  • No trees were killed to create Superwood – it’s made from hard rice husks and recycled high density recycled polyethylene
  • 4 modern colours – Chocolate, Teak, Light Grey, Redwood
  • Long length boards 5.8 metres are also wider (141mm) than many standard timber boards
  • Attractive woodgrain finishes
  • Termites can’t eat it and it is resistant to rot
  • Does not need wood sealer or preservatives
  • Warranty 15 years
  • Concealed fixing – no visible screws
  • Great for decks, pathways, steps, patios, boardwalks etc

New generation Superwood composite decking perth is super toughened, durable and is made to a very high standard. Available in 4 attractive colours – Chocolate, Teak, Light Grey and Redwood; and 3 attractive surface finishes – Woodgrain, Woodgrain Flame and a plain Brushed finish. The modern look of the product is complimentary to the latest landscaping, architecture and outdoor furnishing trends. The boards are very attractive and realistic looking in the timber textures and colours (not shiny or plastic) and has advantages of being weather proof and slip resistant with a greater high density polyethylene (HDPE) content.

Superwood’s extra strength and durability comes from the co-extrusion process which puts a harder layer of composite around the inner core and the outer layer has a higher percentage of HDPE content. Because the boards are wrapped completely with the harder finish, not only has the strength increased but the resistance to marking and staining has significantly improved. The fixing method is a concealed clip secured with a stainless steel screw providing a gap of approximately 6mm.

This is an eco-friendly sustainable product – using Superwood you have a more durable and low maintenance product than natural timber, you also save the trees and help save the environment at the same time. The boards are produced from recycled waste rice husks and plastic milk bottles etc. Special polymers and colours are added to the HDPE, it is then extruded through a dye at high temperature and pressure to form the board. No trees are felled to produce these quality boards and the saving to the environments landfill is considerable.

Superwood can be used for decking, planter boxes, seating, fencing and many other applications. The 5.8m length is very useful as it enables many decks to be constructed without any end to end joins in the design and enhances the look of your decking area. If your deck is longer than 5.8m then we suggest the use of feature or splitter boards. Besides the grooved boards, designed for concealed fixing, we also have non grooved facia boards in the same choice of colours, these are used for the sides of your deck and are fixed with screws.

If you wish for us to supply and install we can visit your site and provide a written quote or if you wish to undertake DIY you can send us your plans and we will estimate the number of boards you require. As these boards are wider and longer than most others on the market please account for this in your calculations. Because the product is nearly 6m long we can arrange for delivery to your road verge or if you wish to pick up you will need a trailer or a ute with a good H-Bar system to support the boards during transportation.

Composite Decking Perth - Famouswood
  • Extremely Strong
  • Durable capping which helps prevent scratches
  • Wood grain and brushed finish
  • Classy looking board


Famouswood composite decking is available in three colours from our Bibra lake warehouse.


The boards are 5800mm long by 143mm wide and are solid thickness at 21.5mm high.


You can either pick up your order from our warehouse or we will arrange delivery throughout Perth – simply ask us for a quote.


Famous-wood is manufactured using the latest technology in the industry with durable natural wood grain patterns and tropical hardwood finishes to match with your existing. You can use Famous-wood decking to create your own backyard resort and enjoy it for years without the ongoing maintenance problems of timber.

Famous-wood decking boards are the new generation of composite decking perth made from recycled PE and natural fibres. No PVC is used and no ingredients that will ever harm our environment.

It comes in a choice of Redwood, Chocolate, Grey and Silver Grey and with a distinctive wood grain pattern, Famous-wood has a natural appearance that will stay that way for years. Famouswood is low maintenance and has a 15 year warranty.

With the unique technology and high performance Famous-wood provides superior protection in those high traffic areas and will not splinter, crack, mold or stain and as termites don’t like it it will last for decades.

Composite Decking Perth - Famouswood - Chocolate
Composite Decking Perth - Famouswood - Grey
Composite Decking Perth - Famouswood - Teak

Composite Joists

These composite joists are ideal if you want to lay your decking boards direct to either concrete or paving as they do not take up any moisture like timber and will not corrode like steel. 

Get them level by using plastic shims and then fix them down with nylon coated nails at suggested 400mm centres for our composite decking . 

2.8m long and can be used to raise either 30mm or 40mm – just $12.00 each  

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