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What payment methods do we accept?

Internet banking, Cash, Cheque, Eftpos – Visa, Mastercard, Debit card (1.5% on credit card)


Synthetic Grass

Does Synthetic Grass get hot?

Yes, synthetic turfs do get quite hot in certain locations but also cool down quickly unlike concrete or pavers which retain their heat. On the hottest days, a quick spray with your hose will cool the grass down in a matter of seconds.

Why use Synthetic Grass over normal grass?

Normal grass is a great landscape product but it is not suitable for all positions where you would like that open-lush-green look. It also takes a lot of maintaining. Synthetic turf is truly almost maintenance free, uses no precious water and does not need any sun – it is superb in shaded areas where normal grass dies off quickly. You also save on the costs of installation, irrigation, constant mowing, fertilisation and potentially harmful chemical sprays.

We also have artificial grass specially designed for sports surfaces such as golf putting greens, cricket pitches, netball courts and school playgrounds.

How long will the grass stay green?

During the manufacturing process, our grass is treated to prevent it being damaged by harmful ultra-violet rays. It will remain very close to its original colour for the full life of the turf. If placed too close to a highly reffective wall then fading can occur relatively quickly – and if it was normal grass in that situation it would simply die off. We recommend not placing within 1 metre of such surfaces – for further advice simply call us.

What is the warranty on the turf?

All out turfs have a limited warranty of 7 – 8 years from installation however we anticipate their useful life to be between 15 and 20 years under normal residential conditions.

Do you supply everything for DIY jobs?

Yes, we supply almost everything you need to install your D.I.Y. turf, including joining tape, fixing pins, infill sand and also sand spreaders. We also supply the crushed blue metal you need for the sub base. You also get full written instructions.

What tools do we need to lay our D.I.Y lawn?

Wheelbarrows, Shovels, Rakes, Leveller, Plate Compactor (hire), Stiff Brooms.

Do we need to use weed matting?

Usually weed matting is not necessary, although the odd little weed may pop up around the edges. We recommend you spray them while young with a little half strength weed spray such as Round Up.

Composite Decking Boards

What is Composite Decking made from?

Traditional composite decking is made from approximately 70 percent plantation grown fibre and approximately 30 percent recycled H.D.P.E plastic.

Superwood is made from approximately 70% recycled rice husks and approximately 30 percent recycled H.D.P.E plastic. It also has a thick outer layer of HDPE which provides additional strength and resistance to marking and stains. See composite decking page and Superwood page for further details.

What colour decking do you have?

Light Grey, Teak, Redwood & Graphite.
See composite decking page for more info.

What size are your decking boards?

5.8 metres Length x 142mm Width x 22mm Thickness

What finishes do you have?

Traditional – brushed finish with grooves on one side brushed finish without grooves on the other side.
Superwood – Woodgrain, Woodgrain Flame or Brushed, depending on the colour you select.

Can boards be placed either side up?

Yes, boards can be placed the other side up to expose the surface finish that you desire.

How hot does the decking get?

About the same as natural decking boards.

Does the decking need to be stained or sealed?

Superwood decking needs no protection from the elements. For Traditional Composite Decking however you may consider a natural stain to protect your deck from food spillages and also to enhance the colour. Staining is required about every 2 years.

How long will the decking last?

If installed correctly your deck should last at least 20 years with very little maintenance.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we can arrange delivery for you or you could hire a 6 metre long car trailer to pick up yourselves.

How do you fix the boards?

See DIY decking page.

What materials do I need for building my own deck?

The frame or base of the deck can be built from either timber (usually treated pine) or a lightweight steel construction.

How long is the warranty on the decking boards?

The limited warranty on the Traditional Composite Decking decking boards if correctly installed is 10 years and for Superwood 15 years.

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