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Five traits to look for in a good Landscaper

It can be difficult to find a Landscaper who can make your dream garden a reality. It takes a lot of communication and trust to interpret your thoughts, so how do you know when you’ve found the right Landscaper for you? Here are a few traits that we feel are very important.

Keen and Interested:
From the moment you make contact, the Landscaper should show interest in your project, return calls and emails promptly and arrange the first meeting to suit your busy life.

Professional first impression:
A good landscaper will turn up on time, or at least ring if they have been held up. They will be professional and well presented, though please bear in mind the previous job may have been a little dirty.

Listening Skills:
This is the most important trait. A good Landscaper will listen to your needs as you discuss the project. They will ask questions about how you plan to use the garden, do you have children, pets or perhaps elderly or people with disabilities? Then there are lifestyle questions such us how much time you have to tend to the garden, ongoing costs such as water, are you away often, do you like to spend time in the garden or are you more interested in a nice aspect from a particular window? All these factors need to be considered in order to make sure that your new garden is suited to YOUR lifestyle.

Attention to detail:
A good landscaper will supply you with an accurate quote to be considered and refined, not just a ball park figure. The quote will give you a clear picture of what services they are providing and what you should allow for the occasional unexpected costs that may arise.

Impressed so far? Now is the time to do a little research to make sure they are as good as they seem. A good Landscaper will be a member of an organisation like Landscaping Industries Association of WA. You can also ask for examples of their previous work and testimonials along with looking of reviews on Google or Facebook.

The Landscape Guys would love to chat with you about your big project, contact us today for a free consultation.


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