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Landscaping Trends for 2016

Having landscaped a large number of homes, schools and businesses in the last year, our team has really got to know not only what’s popular but also what works well for our WA climate and lifestyle. Here are a few top trends handpicked by The Landscape Guys:


Feature Walls and Vertical Gardens

As garden sizes are decreasing, we look to making the most of the space we have, so it’s no wonder that these are very popular. Feature walls and vertical gardens can make use of an otherwise boring outlook and turn it into the focal point of your outdoor area, giving you years of pleasure without a lot of ongoing maintenance.


Dry Creek Beds

These beautiful rustic features not only add a “Nature’s Playground” look to your outdoor space they can serve a real purpose by helping with drainage. They provide a beautiful leading line throughout your garden and a natural way of dividing into different areas. We’ve had a lot of remarks about how young visitors to the garden find the “creek” fascinating.


Native Plants and Succulents

As we move to more water wise gardens, natives and succulents are the perfect option, especially for WA. There are so many to choose from and once established will need very little ongoing pruning and water. These are very appealing to those who want an easy care garden so that they can just lock and leave.


Artificial Turf

Speaking of saving water, no wonder artificial turf is a great alternative to regular lawn. If feels nice to walk on, is low maintenance and compliments all kinds of garden styles. There are so many quality varieties to choose from and they look great especially when coupled with natives plants. Best of all – no more mowing!


Water Features

As our gardens reduce in size and we find ourselves living closer to others, a skilfully designed water feature is a great option. The sound of flowing water can drown out low to moderate sound from roads, pool pumps and air conditioners etc. while creating a feeling of serenity in your back yard. As an added bonus, they are a great way to attract birds and other wildlife into your garden.



Decks continue to increase in popularity especially with the new hard-wearing materials that are now available. They are great option for multi-level gardens and around pools, providing an area to socialise and enjoy the surroundings. The use of composite decking material over timber provides an environmentally friendly, long lasting and low maintenance option.


Professional Landscape Design

At one time, the garden was a bit of an afterthought to a home owner. In recent years many have realised the value of having their outdoor living space professionally designed and landscaped. A good Landscaper will take the time to ensure your space is suited to your way of life and surrounding environment, giving you years of enjoyment.

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