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We all love our lawns in Perth but the climate is not ideally suited to water thirsty grass and with water restrictions and given our rainfall is predicted to decrease even further, it doesn’t make much sense to have them here.

Not only do they consume a lot of water but they need to be fed with chemicals that often end up in our waterways and help trigger algal blooms. They also require weeding and of course regular mowing which is something we don’t all have the time for these days.

So what are the alternatives? Here are a few below.

1. Plant Ground Cover

Lawns weren’t around before the 1850s but then the lawnmower came along and so then did the uptake of curated lawns in our front and back yards.

Many of us have lawns out the front of our house that are purely aesthetic and are rarely subject to any foot traffic. These areas are perfect for groundcovers such as Woolly Thyme ( Thymus pseudolanuginosus ) or Native Violet ( Viola hederacea ). Both groundcovers are Australian natives and require very little maintenance.

Woolly Thyme can handle full of part sun and Native Violet can handle full sun, part shade or full shade. This plant is perfect for shaded areas where lawn just won’t grow.

Woolly Thyme

2. Put in a garden of water-wise plants or use pavers or rocks

If the area is not being used to play around on, then a low-maintenance garden makes perfect sense. Use native species such as Kangaroo Paws ( Anigozanthos ), Grevilleas and Dianellas or plants that are most suited to your local climate to save on water usage.

Areas can also be paved or covered in rock ground covers such as blue metal or cracked pea gravel. Choose rock ground cover that is not too fine, so it doesn’t get trampled inside the house. These products require very little maintenance in comparison with lawn.

3. Install an Artificial Lawn

If the area is going to have high foot traffic or will be used for playing sports, then artificial lawn is a good option. The benefits of synthetic lawn are that it requires virtually no maintenance and the varieties on offer these days look a lot more like real grass than they used to.

There are several different varieties on offer depending on what the area will be used for and you don’t need to worry about watering, fertilising, mowing or weeding. There is an initial up-front cost, but the product tends to pay for itself within about 4 years.

artificial lawn front yard in perth
artificial grass in Perth

source of info – ABC

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