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Nature Playground Design

Nature Playground Design has become an increasingly popular concept in schools and day care centres in Perth and around Australia.

Children prefer them over traditional playgrounds as they stimulate their imaginations. They are able to climb, explore, get dirty and just have lots of fun in a natural setting.

Researchers at the University of WA have shown that kid’s motor skills are improved through interactions with nature playgrounds and a number of mental and health benefits have been shown such as increased creativity, better interactions with adults and lower rates of aggression.

We would like to visit your location and discuss with you what we are able to achieve within your budget.

Whatever natural features your site may already have will be used, such as existing trees, rocks or natural slopes. We work with these and other introduced items to produce the most natural looking landscape possible. One that is conducive to stimulating young imaginations.

All natural products are used where possible such as bush poles, logs and large rocks. We create areas with different ground surfaces such as compacted gravel, river sand and soft fall mulch so there are different looks and textures in each area.

Nature Playground Design

  • Creeks
  • Tee Pees
  • Forests
  • Forest Walks
  • Boats & Pirate Ships
  • Cubbies
  • Musical Walls
  • Mud Pie Kitchens

Nature Playground Design Landscapers


Come take a look at our different displays of landscape design work and various material samples to help with ideas for your own nature playground designs.  We are always keen to assist.

Our Creations

We enjoy building mounds with forts on top. We design and build different size impressions of pirate ships, other boats and racing cars. Tee pees and campfire areas are also very popular.

Our natural dry creeks or casual running streams can provide a young person with hours of creative playtime. Add a sleeper or rustic branch bridge with some stepping stones and an adventure circuit can be created to help with balance and coordination.

Cubbies, balance bars, vertical bush pole dodgem forest areas with canopies are all possible as well as musical walls and mud pie kitchens.

Any ideas that teachers, children or parents can dream up will be looked at and we can let you know if the idea is practical to build. Sometimes it is the simple things that add that little extra interest to your playground.

Our aim is to endeavor to make your children’s adventure playground a most exciting and stimulating place to be.

We look forward to working with you.

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