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We can build you almost any type of garden with a variety of different features.

With Perth and WA being in a very low rainfall area and with our sandy soil always thirsty for water, we recommend our residential landscape designs that provide for minimal maintenance and low water usage gardens.

Many people do not have the time to spend looking after a garden and much expensive water is wasted in trying to grow lush green lawns and other exotic plants.

So although we can design and construct any garden to suit your individual requirements our special expertise is in the following areas.

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    We supply and install both natural and synthetic turf.

    For small to medium size areas of grass it is often worth looking at the great modern range of Synthetic Turf available. It is now very economical and saves you so much work and water that in our climate it should be considered.

    Large areas of grass can look spectacular as seen in our beautiful parks around Perth but real grass needs lots of sunshine, fertilizer, water, regular mowing and other maintenance to keep it vigorous and healthy.

    In many of our residential backyards we have overlooking houses and other structures such as high fences and walls that block out the essential winter sunshine and there is insufficient sunlight for grass to grow vigorously.

    This then allows weeds such as winter grass to invade the weakening lawn and before too many years the total grass area needs replacing.

    We have been researching and using quality synthetic turf for over 10 years and now offer 6 different styles of landscape turf and also specialized types of turf for sports such as tennis, basketball and golf putting greens.

    We will visit your site and discuss the benefits of natural or synthetic turf in your garden.

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    We have our own earthmoving equipment designed for limited access residential work to clear and prepare the areas for construction.

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    We supply and install decking and recommend our Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Superwood and Famouswood products which again require minimum maintenance as they do not need any sealing or oiling. Both are solid boards for strength and durability and they come in a choice of colours and finishes to suit all tastes

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    We also supply and install fencing and specialize in our great looking WPC Timberlook fencing which as the name says looks like timber but has none of the disadvantages.

    So it will not crack, rot, get eaten by termites and like the decking boards does not need any sealing or oiling. So Timberlook fencing is virtually maintenance free and so much better looking than steel fencing which also radiates a lot of heat into the garden.

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    Often walls are required for boundary fences, retaining walls for different levels or to create raised garden beds. We will design and build your wall or work to the engineer’s design if required by your local authority.

    Reconstituted Limestone Block walls are usually the most practical and low maintenance solution but brick and render or texture coat are an alternative.

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    Hardscape paving with either bricks, pavers, tiles or concrete often form part of a landscape design and we will arrange whatever is required as part of the complete Landscape package.

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    We also help design and install reticulation, water features, shade sails, vertical gardens, patios and gazebos.

We look forward to helping you create the garden or your dreams that will not end up as a maintenance nightmare.

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