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The Benefits of Composite Decking

The Benefits Of Composite Decking
  • Long life – Because it is a combination of wood and plastic, it lasts much longer than traditional wood decking

  • Low maintenance – Unlike composite decking, wood decking needs to be stained or oiled regularly to prevent them from cracking, rotting and developing mould. Composite decking can be susceptible to stains and mould also, however it can more easily be removed with a brush and household cleaners.

  • No splintering – Because they don’t splinter, they are perfect for bare feet. In addition, they are more slip-resistant and don’t overheat like wood decking does.

  • Colour retention – Composite decking keeps its colour over time unlike wood decking which without constant maintenance, weathers and fades to a grey colour.

  • Pest and Rot Control – The manufacturing process of composite decking ensures it doesn’t need to be infused with pesticides and heavy metals like arsenic to prevent it from white ants and rotting.

  • Eco friendly – Composite decking is partly made up of recycled plastics

  • Look great – comes in a variety of colours and timber grain finishes.

  • Easy to install – hidden clips hold the boards to the joists underneath without the need for nails and the deck can be taken up just as easily as it is to put down.

  • Creativity – as composite decking boards come in a variety of colours, you can mix up the colours to highlight your deck in the patterns you like.

Co-extruded Composite Decking

Co-extruded composite decking is the next generation of composite decking that provides even more benefits than regular composite decking. This uses the most advanced technology in composite decking manufacturing today.

Benefits over regular composite decking

  • Three to four times the scratch resistance
  • No water absorption (2% for regular composite decking)
  • Smaller expansion rate
  • Wood brushing effect
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