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Ways to Save Water in your Garden

Water Scarcity is one of the top major concerns in the world right now. Here’s what we can do to save water.

There are different ways to achieve a perfect looking and also environmentally-friendly garden. The Landscape Guys recommend following the tips listed below for a water-wise and healthy garden.

• Harvest Rain Water

Nature provides the world with a free source of water which should not be ignored. Rain barrels are designed to collect rainfall in a dedicated area so you can use it for later needs throughout your landscaping, therefore helping save water and money. It probably won’t cover all of your watering needs, it will help reduce the amount of public water you use on your lawn.

Use edging to ensure the water stays where you use it

Edging around your beds also helps retain the mulching and creates a natural line between beds and the lawn areas. Garden Edging not only makes your garden look neat and beautiful but it has its own benefits.

• Water During the Right Time of Day

As a general rule, however, you will want to avoid watering your grass during the hottest part of the day due to the higher evaporation loss that occurs from the sun.

• Grass under trees isn’t good

If there are trees growing in your garden, and there is grass under those trees, then replace that area with gravel, wood chips or mulch because grass growing there will compete with the trees to consume more water and resultantly, you will have to supply more water to meet the needs of both.

Use the best watering techniques for your plants

There are various options available to water your plants efficiently. Using sprinklers, hoses or watering cans, automated irrigation system or seep hoses. Choosing the right type of technique will help you save water and time.

• Install Artificial Turf

Trying to keep a green lawn and conserve water does not have to be so hard.

In fact, you can solve both problems at once using a long-term solution by deciding to replace your lawn with artificial grass. It is easy to find out how to install fake grass that can be matched to the type of grass that exists in your garden.

Choose water-wise plants

Generally, the best suited plants are those that are indigenous to your area, as they seldom need additional watering. They are usually well suited to the average amount of water your garden will receive naturally. 

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